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Case Study – Matrix InfoTech


Situated at Bengaluru (Karnataka, India), Matrix InfoTech, is one of the highly recognized Manufacturers and Suppliers from India, engaged in producing a wide assortment of superior Industrial Racks and Accessories that finds wide application in residential as well as commercial establishments. The product catalogue consists of high-quality Wall Mount Racks, Server Racks, Open Racks, Rack Accessories, Floor Mount Racks, Double Section Racks and Accessories. These products are manufactured from high-grade steel sheets to guarantee high strength and longer service life.


  • The value of the property offered is only 180L where the customer has required funding of 250L
  • Customer does not have any collateral apart from the one mentioned above
  • Eligibility is the challenge to get 250L in a single deal

Aagey Solutions

  • Aagey understood that the deal is 100% collateral based and worked on Lenders who takes > 85% Loan to Value
  • In order to split the deal, Aagey proposed 2 types of Funding 150L based on collateral and the remaining requirement without collateral


  • Aagey logged “Collateral based” proposal in Deutsche and Kotak and Customer went with Deutsche bank with 150L funding 9.8% ROI thereby Saving 3.7% every month which is because of the Balance Transfer from expensive bank
  • Aagey logged “No Security” proposal in Kotak, TATA, IDFC, Hero, Indusind and Bajaj and disbursed 110L @ average rate of 18%

Why Aagey?

  • Aagey understood the difference b/w Customer Need vs collateral value
  • It Satisfied Customer need by Structuring the deal into Secured and Unsecured proposals in Multiple banks
  • Aagey ensured eligibility does not take any effect by processing applications in all banks simultaneously