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Case Study – Emel Enterprises


Emel Enterprises is a Sole Proprietorship firm established in the year of 1990 in Bengaluru, Karnataka, (India) in the appreciated industry of Speciality Investment Casting, Non-Ferrous Investment Casting, Stainless Steel Investment Casting and many more.

Mr Sanjay Harway is the proprietor of this association with a competent and qualified personality having in-depth experience in this industry for several years. He gives innovative ideas to perform the functions appropriately and smooth flow of transactions.


  • Dip in TO of 75L which is 21% in the last 3 financial years. In the slowing down economy, DIP in TO would result in denial of credit facilities.
  • Self-occupied Industrial property which is given on lease but only 2 years of lease left. In this scenario, Banker does not get registered sale deed or lease deed as a title deed. The banker could not able to fund based on lease deed as only 2 years are left, and execution of registered sale deed is a contingent event

Aagey Solutions

  • Aagey has considered future growth of the business as evidenced by GST data and banking growth, which is 15% and 30% as compared to last year turnover. Aagey stressed on other financial health parameters like D/E(0.87 times).TOL/TNW(0.71 times), current ratio(1.26 times) and also post disbursement DSCR, which is 1.91 time which is fantastic mitigation to justify the fall in sales.
  • For lease property, Aagey suggested to get NOC from KIADB and also a declaration by KIADB that” After the completion of the lease period (2 years), the sale deed will be executed and handed over directly to the lender”. This has solved the challenge in the property.


  • Aagey suggested Aditya Birla and PNB HFL as probable lenders where the customer went with PNB HFL.
  • Customers got 1.05 Cr loan amount from PNB HFL at 11.50% for 120M.

Why Aagey?

  • Aagey has Chartered Accountants as credit analysts who think and behave in the same way as a credit manager or lender does. It has well equipped legal staff who provides solutions for legal flaws in the documents or title.
  • Aagey has done a proper financial analysis to mitigate related financial issues.
  • Aagey’s technical and legal support has resulted in solving property challenge