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Case Study – Prashant Mehta


Prashant Mehta is the founder-director of the Rajesh Exports Limited. Currently Managing Director of REL at 53 years of age, he is in charge of the day to day functioning and holds specific charge of the production unit of REL. He has over thirty years of experience in the jewellery business and is recognized as an authority in the production of gold jewellery.


  • Customer’s Main source of Income being Dividend Income from Rajesh Exports which is the global leader in the gold business. After the PNB scam, Gold business is considered as risky profile
  • The customer has bounced in existing loan tracks
  • Customers are overleveraged if Dividend income alone is considered.

Aagey Solutions

  • Aagey has emphasized the financial strengths of Rajesh Exports by analyzing Annual Reports, Stock Price Analysis by observing NIFTY and SENEX trend for 1 year and also credibility by checking Brickwork India report to ensure Dividend income is stable
  • Aagey proved that bounce is due to a technical issue and other EMIs of the customer are honoured on time to ensure it is not willful default
  • Aagey has considered below mentioned incomes to ensure the customer is not leveraged
  • Aagey has documented 3 Months old rental agreements and rent credit banking to add Rental Income
  • Also considered Technical fee income which started 6 months back
  • Aagey had documented 2.5 years 26AS and 1-year banking to consider Interest income from Non-banking entity


  • Aagey asked the customer to log the case in Aditya Birla, where he got 500L sanction.

Why Aagey?

  • Aagey has collected critical information to ensure the Dividend income is not risky and steady
  • Aagey is able to add other sources of Income even though they are which are no therein latest year ITRs